The MatBoss Podcast Episode 31: Miron Kharchilava

Miron Kharchilava, founder of Team Miron, joins Chad Dennis on Episode 31 of The MatBoss Podcast. Much of this episode's discussion centers around how Miron got to the United States, his upbringing and depictions of life in the Soviet Union before and after the breakup. He also talks about his son, Carson Kharchla, the nation's top-ranked recruit for the Class of 2019.

Miron will also talk about his time wrestling collegiately in the U.S. after spending time on the Soviet national team and his philosophy of being a state champion in life, not just on the mat.

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    Matside Podcast Episode 5: Mike Sempervive

    While college wrestling and professional wrestling are two very different endeavors. There is still a great deal of crossover in turns of talent. Many former college wrestlers have gone on to become big stars in the predetermined version of combat.

    Recently former Appalachian State heavyweight Denzel Dejournette signed on to train at the WWE's performance center, and the company has been actively recruiting former Duke wrestler Jacob Kasper for some time.

    To discuss the transition of college wrestlers into WWE and the current training environment, Matside welcomes Wrestling Observer Live co-host Mike Sempervive. Richard and Mike discuss the WWE's scouting process, the pros and cons of their training style and what it takes for a college wrestler to be a successful professional wrestler. You can follow Mike on Twitter at @Sempervive and listen to his show on

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